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When Is The Best Time To Turn To A Staffing Firm?

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Last week a prospective client explained that they had some open positions that needed filling and could use our staffing services. However, they went on to say that since they are a non-profit organization, they have a very tight budget, especially with all that has happened in 2020. They added that with the unemployment rate so high currently, that for every job opening posted, they are receiving literally hundreds of resumes. Therefore, they concluded that there was no need or value in using our services right now.

But now is exactly when we could save them the most time and the most money, as well as make the biggest impact for them! We have many clients, including non-profits, navigating the same business challenges. We have found that in this financial climate, with the unemployment rate in the US sitting just under 8%, is exactly when many organizations turn to us for help, even if they had not before. The amount of time in employee hours to sift through the abundance of resumes, narrow down the top candidates, conduct interviews, complete all of the background checks, and verify references, certifications and education, can quickly overwhelm an HR team. Not to mention it prevents them from focusing on other necessary business goals. Editech has spent over three decades perfecting those tasks and are perfectly positioned to handle them for a client. We can quickly present the few best matches for the need and the company environment, with the client making the final selection. We can reduce client time spent per hire from 50 hours to 5 or less.

To have a partner to turn to, an extension of your HR department that can weed out, rapidly qualify, expertly screen, evaluate soft skills and culture fit isn’t a luxury in today’s world, it’s a savvy move to save time, which is equal to money no matter the line of business, and a smart use of resources. To have an experienced firm quickly present only those candidates that check all the boxes you require for you to review is invaluable. The experience, process and commitment we make to find the perfect candidate for every role you need filled results in less turnover and attrition further down the road, which is another enormous cost savings, in and of itself.

The reasons that some people think they shouldn’t use a staffing firm right now are exactly the reasons they should, and when they would capture tremendous value


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