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Recorded Video Interview Answers

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Even in the complicated landscape of 2020, the interview is still one of the most important steps of the recruiting process. Although a CV can tell you a lot about candidates’ competencies, an interview is the best way to get to know candidates on a more personal level, whether it be via a one-way video, a web interview, or an in-person interview.

Editech stands ready to help you get the most out of these tools by providing you with the best introduction of your company to candidates, via text or video, so the candidate feels engaged as much as possible. Then we help you ask the best questions to draw out the answers you need to choose the best fit for your company’s needs and culture while keeping the questions limited to save you time. By asking the right two or three questions, you make sure that you have a more complete overview of the candidates’ profiles, so you select the best candidates to invite to an in-person interview.

Editech leverages recorded mini-video interviews to deliver an interview geared toward your company’s needs while keeping in mind that your time is valuable. This allows candidates to answer specific questions in a recorded mode. At your convenience, you and your hiring team can watch the video and observe the candidate’s communication skills, affect, friendliness and confidence – which results in you only carving out interview time for candidates that you know are a likely fit with your organizational needs. Paired with the recruiter’s phone screen, probing on technical skills and job-related abilities, Editech is able to present closely screened candidates that won’t waste your leadership’s time in meeting with candidates that aren’t a fit.

We tailor the questions for company culture fit, as well as providing a company introduction. For instance, a company looking for someone to fit into a “work hard, play hard” team environment will have much different needs than a company that needs solo workers with experience working under tight deadlines.

Editech’s techniques streamline the process and cut down on steps while focusing on getting the right fit. If you are looking for a partner that can save you time and headaches in hiring, contact us today!


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