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Quantity doesn’t always equal quality when it comes to LinkedIn connections 

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional connection. The most common types of accounts are Basic and Premium. With a basic account, you will have access to first, second, and third degree connections. This means if you and I are connected, you can see all of my connections as well. A premium account includes In-Mail, an expanded messaging ability, with which you can gain access to more connections and can send requests without risking the receiver flagging you as unknown, causing your LinkedIn account to be in jeopardy. However, this useful connection tool only works as well as you connect!  

There are differing perspectives on who to connect with. Some indiscriminately connect – they will request and accept connections with anyone willing. That is one way to grow your network, but the quality of said network is questionable. You will end up with a large network but may only truly know a fraction of those you are linked with. Another approach is to be very selective in your requests and acceptances. People with this approach only have high-quality connections with people they know well and are a viable business contact. However, their network would be smaller and potentially less valuable. 

Another strategy is to meet in the middle of those two. This is my approach – accept connections from people that I may not know, if I believe we may be able to help each other. In this way, I can still have a large network of high-quality contacts. 

There is no “right” approach to LinkedIn connections. However, I encourage you to be thoughtful in whatever strategy works best for you. 


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