Are your LinkedIn settings hiding you from potential opportunities? 

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Are your LinkedIn settings hiding you from potential opportunities? 

You may have an amazing LinkedIn profile, but if your view settings are not set to public, only your network will be able to see you. You are missing an entire audience that could become potential new clients, business partners, networking peers or even a potential new employer. If you are open to new career opportunities or simply want to establish credibility, you need to have a complete profile and have it visible to anyone pursuing you. Even if you are in a client-facing role or sales role, it is just as important that your profile shows enough detail and depth to give a potential client the assurance that you are the best, most experienced or ideal fit for them to work with. 

Of the options to make public, I recommend you include at least the following: 

  •  Background Photo 
  • Headline 
  • Summary 
  • Current Experience with Details 
  • Past Experience with Details 
  • Education 
  • Certifications (if applicable) 
  • Recommendations 

 Get the best impact by presenting yourself as a top-notch, well-rounded professional by publishing a robust profile. 


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